LAN-KARS manufacture top quality ladies leather footwear in Europe.

We make women’s footwear from natural leather because nature is a reflection of a woman’s soul. Our passion and fondness is work that we love. That’s why we can honestly say we have reached mastery level of footwear production. The entire process, starting from the design to execution takes place in the family factory in Lanckorona. Each shoe is made by us with the care, craftsmanship and maximum precision.

– 28 YEARS –


Our story is unique and unparalleled.

LAN-KARS company has been present at the market for 28 years. That’s enough time to make its story unique and unparalleled. It has been started by the company chairman, Mr. Sławomir Karelus who had to become a resourceful person at a very young age. Initially he worked in a factory located in a shoemakers’ valley in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. It was where Mr. Sławomir gained experience in this craft. This lasted until the year 1990 when he decided to become independent and at first manually make single pairs of footwear. The first shoes he had produced, he was selling in the market. After some time his workplace began to resemble a real manufactory. New contractors and the growing number of customers satisfied with the high quality of acquired footwear resulted in further dynamic development of the company. Unfortunately, at some point due to private matters, the fate of the company became a little complicated.

Fortunately, thanks to the perseverance and determination of Mr. Sławomir’s wife and of his staff it was possible to withstand this difficult period. The company caught the wind in its sails anew and – thanks to the involvement of the next generation – LAN-KARS gained a true statute of a family business.  Today LAN-KARS is a rapidly growing company acquiring masses of trusted clients both in Poland and abroad.




This is the main part of a shoe – it covers the upper part of a foot. We make uppers from natural leather. Connecting a bottom with an upper is done in various ways depending on the type of shoe. We always pay attention to the fact that the connection has to be stable and to ensure a long service life.


The foot’s comfort is our highest priority. Therefore, the interior of our footwear, just like the upper, is made entirely of natural leather. Thanks to that it has excellent hygienic properties, it is comfortable and it easily adapts to the shape of your foot.


Remember that a good quality insole may have many functions. Our insoles will help provide you with stability in high heels and, as well, will prevent problems caused by flat feet. All our insoles are made of leather.


Our soles protect your foot from cold, heat, uneven terrain or sharp objects. They are always made with the highest quality materials, respectively tailored to all types of footwear. They provide comfort of use.